The new and improved GMX contracts include dynamic fees, asset weights for GLPs, automatic stop-losses for leverage trading, staking and bonuses.

Source code:

Arbitrum Mainnet contracts:

Arbitrum is an Ethereum Layer 2 solution which enables instantaneous transactions with low transaction costs while remaining trustlessly secure.

We are thrilled to be a part of the projects launching on Arbitrum to build DeFi applications which offer the best user experience without compromising on security.

GMX trading and staking will begin once Arbitrum is open to the public.

About Arbitrum

Arbitrum is a scaling solution for Ethereum that drastically reduces costs…

Continuing on from Pt I, this post details the floor price mechanics for GMX.

Floor Price

Similar to XVIX, there will be a floor price fund set up for GMX. This floor price which can be activated by burning GMX in return for a portion of the capital in the floor price fund. The price at which GMX can be burnt will be:

Floor price = 0.9 * Capital / (GMX Backed Supply)

The 0.9 factor leads to the floor price increasing as GMX is burnt.

An example to illustrate this:

  • If there is 1000 USD of capital in the floor price…

We are excited to announce that Gambit has now been integrated with 1inch!

This will bring swaps with zero price impact to all 1inch users.

Swap on 1inch:

Swap and leverage trade on Gambit:

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This is the first of two posts on the GMX token’s utilities.

Liquidity Provision

In the current version of Gambit, liquidity is provided by minting USDG tokens with any whitelisted asset. This liquidity is then used to enable zero price impact swaps and to support leverage trading, with 50% of fees being re-deposited to over-collateralize the system and 20% distributed as rewards.

The idea of a stablecoin that generates interest from the assets backing it is attractive, but it has held the project back to a certain extent. …

Gambit will be UniDex’s first integration to provide leverage trading and derivatives for their upcoming release.

UniDex is a trading terminal that specializes in aggregation. The project has constantly been pushing out new updates and improvements since its inception and have built a very comprehensive product. Their trading terminal currently includes swaps, limit orders, options, and leverage markets.

There is a strong synergy between the two projects as Gambit will serve to provide swaps with zero price impact and leverage trading with lower liquidation risks to all UniDex traders. …

The migration to GMX is live! You can now swap your GMT, xGMT, GMT-USDG and xGMT-USDG tokens on

To migrate:

  • Click on the “Migrate” button for the token you want to migrate
  • Key in the amount to migrate
  • Click on “Approve …”
  • Wait for the approval transaction to confirm
  • Click on “Migrate”

To ensure the migration was successful, check that the “Your wallet: …” value at the top of the page shows the expected amount of GMX tokens.

Each GMX will have a starting price of 2 USD.

The following conversion rates will be fixed for the migration:

  • GMT…

As proposed in we will be merging all XVIX, XLGE, GMT and xGMT tokens into a single GMX token.

The migration will begin on 22 Jun 2021 at 12 PM (UTC) and will end on 6 Jul 2021 at 12 PM (UTC). There will be a migration page on to facilitate the process.

Each GMX will have a starting price of 2 USD.

The following conversion rates will be fixed for the migration:

  • GMT: 10.97 USD, 5.485 GMX per GMT
  • xGMT: 90.31 USD, 45.155 GMX per xGMT
  • GMT-USDG LP: 6.68 USD, 3.34 GMX + 0.334 …

It has been three weeks since the mainnet launch of Gambit, during this time the protocol has handled ~400 million USD of volume and distributed ~380,000 USD in fees.

We have also received a lot of feedback and that has played a large part in formulating the plan to bring Gambit forward.

Based on these, we have the following prioritisations:

  • Improving the tokenomics of GMT and xGMT
  • Adding more utility for GMT and xGMT tokens
  • Securing the resilience of the USDG peg
  • Increasing usage
  • Further decentralisation

With these in mind, we would like to share our proposals with the community…

We have had an exciting round of discussions with Autofarm and are happy to announce a long-term partnership between Gambit and Autofarm.

Additional details of more in-depth collaboration will be announced further down the line, but to kick things off, we will be launching an AUTO-USDG pool on Gambit with xGMT rewards. Autofarm will also be adding Gambit farms and providing $AUTO emissions to the GMT-USDG, xGMT-USDG, AUTO-USDG vaults.

The emissions will be as follows:

  • 1500 xGMT distributed over nine months for AUTO-USDG
  • 0.03x $AUTO multiplier for GMT-USDG, xGMT-USDG, AUTO-USDG vaults

500 xGMT will be withdrawn from the Treasury to…

Since Gambit’s mainnet launch on 28 April 2021, the protocol has handled 61,448,803 USD of trading volume and collected 79,826.79 USD in fees.

The fee breakdown is:

  • 0.1603 BTC
  • 4.4701 ETH
  • 42.7548 BNB
  • 13,709.5913 BUSD
  • 6,134.1901 USDC
  • 8,134.1596 USDT

50% of the fees collected have been re-deposited back into the system to help over-collaterised the assets backing the USDG peg to 1 USD.

20% of fees collected will be distributed hourly to all xGMT holders, including holders of xGMT staked in the xGMT/USDG pool.

20% of fees collected will be distributed hourly to all USDG holders, including holders of USDG…

Gambit Protocol

Interest-generating stablecoins backed by leverage.

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